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Board of Elections To Be At Fair

The Monroe County Board of Elections will be relocating the office to the Monroe County Fairgrounds the week of August 18 through August 22 from 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Come out and visit us at the fair and view our online software available to the public! Sign-up to be a Precinct Election Official while you are at our booth.


Senior Nutrition Menu 8/18/14-8/22/14

The senior menu for the week of Aug 18 - Aug 22

Mon. - Cubed steak with mushroom gravy, whipped potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower, apricots, dinner roll.

Tue. - Grilled chicken, salad green mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and mushrooms, fresh fruit mix, crackers.

Wed. - BBQ pork, baked steak fries, green beans, orange, bun.


Annual Farm Bureau Meeting Highlighted by Recognition of 72-Year Member Ed Ackerman

Ed Ackerman was recognized during the annual Monroe County Farm Bureau Dinner for being a member of the Farm Bureau for 72 years. Ackerman became a member by purchasing Farm Bureau car insurance on a vehicle in 1942 for $6 a month. Pictured, from left to right, are: MC Farm Bureau Organization Director Betsy Anderson, Ed Ackerman and MC Farm Bureau President Linda Schafer. Of the awards and recognitions announced at the 2014 Monroe County Farm Bureau Dinner August 4 at the Laings Community Center, the recognition of Ed Ackerman as a 72-year member of the Monroe County Farm Bureau was without equal, as evidenced by the standing ovation he received by those present.

Ackerman explained to members and guests that his association with the Monroe County Farm Bureau began shortly after he was married in 1942 when he and his new wife made their home in Lewisville. That same year, he purchased a car. The grocery clerk at Billman’s Grocery in Lewisville by the name of Clayton English was a Farm Bureau insurance agent. Ackerman admits to not knowing much about insurance at the time, but he took out a policy on his car and believes it was $6 per month at the time. Farm Bureau insurance eventually became Nationwide Insurance.

Chairing the annual meeting were Linda Schafer, county president and Betsy Anderson, organization director. Business conducted during the annual meeting included the election of Dale Riggenbach, Dianna Riggenbach, and Larry Tomaszczk as trustees for 2015. Also chosen were delegates Eric and Kayla Moore for the 2015 Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting occurring in December in Columbus. Members were also given the opportunity to endorse Farm Bureau policies affecting the county, state and nation. 


Lewisville and Summit Township Awarded $300,000

The Lewisville Village and Summit Township community recently received good news. The community will be receiving $300,000 in grant money to make improvements in the village and township. Pictured above is the Summit Community Center. The building will receive several improvements due to the grant. The Lewisville and Summit Township community will see several improvements in the next couple of years after the community was chosen as a recipient of a $300,000 grant. County officials were notified that the community was designated as one of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Neighborhood Revitalization projects for the 2014 program through a letter from the Ohio Development Services Agency on Aug. 4.

The awarding of the grant marks the first time in three years that a Monroe County community will receive the massive grant. The Graysville-area community unsuccessfully applied in 2012 as well as in 2013. The Beallsville-area community also was turned down in 2013.

As part of the grant application process, each community must hold community meetings to determine the projects that will be completed if grant funding is awarded. Following are the projects, chosen by the citizens of Lewisville and Summit Township, that will be completed since grant funding was secured:

1. A brush fire truck for the Lewisville Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) will be purchased at the cost of $95,000.

2. Commercial charcoal grills will be installed at the park near the community center at the cost of $1,000.

3. 18 culverts and 2 catch basins on Summit Township roads; 1 culvert at the ball field in Lewisville Village; and 1 catch basin in the parking lot at the Lewisville VFD Firehouse will be installed at the cost of $22,000. 


Warning About Phone Scam

A Beacon reader called the newspaper this week to report  that a phone scam is making its rounds in our community. An individual has called her twice and told her she had won a large sum of money and that she could secure her prize winnings by sending a check for $800. Citizens are urged never to send money unless they are certain they know the person or know where the money is going.


Commissioners Discuss Phone Issues, Appoint New Apiary Inspector

The Monroe County Board of Commissioners met on Aug. 4 for its regular session meeting with a light agenda. In a carry over from the July 28 meeting, ongoing issues with the phone system were discussed. The phone lines had been down at the courthouse from July 24 through July 29 when Tim Henson of SMC got service reestablished. Henson met with commissioners to on Aug. 4 to discuss what had happened.

According to Henson, a “high amount hasn’t been paid” by INS, the courthouse’s long distance and local phone carrier. INS bills the county for phone service but, in turn, pays AT&T for phone service. Due to a billing dispute, INS had not paid AT&T for some time, leading to an unpaid bill of thousands of dollars and an AT&T shut off.

INS had told county IT Manager Jason Harter that there was a problem in the line, but did not divulge the actual situation. Commissioner John Pyles showed frustration at the situation. Pyles said, “We’ve paid every single bill, and I would like to hear something from them [INS] about this.”

Henson said he has negotiated with AT&T to keep service open on a temporary basis. However, he recommended to commissioners that a new T-1 circuit be installed for the courthouse. He said he could get the work done within two weeks. Commissioners told Henson to work with Harter about the particulars and get back with them on the details before proceeding.

Commissioners appointed Daniel McCartney as county apiary inspector at the recommendation of Tammy Jones of Monroe Soil and Water. McCartney will replace Dave Schott who recently left the position to join Noble County Soil and Water. McCartney will be subcontracted through the Monroe Soil and Water office. 


ODOT and County Team UP For Bridge Replacement Project on CR 68


ODOT and Monroe County began bridge replacement on County Road 68. The project is part of $120 million Ohio’s Bridge Partnership Program

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Monroe County Engineer’s Office announce a bridge replacement on County Road 68 near the intersection of TWP Rd 590 as part of Ohio’s Bridge Partnership Program.

“Thanks to operational savings within ODOT and the leadership of Governor Kasich, we are able to make southeast Ohio roads safer and more accessible,” said District 10 Deputy Director Steve Williams.

The program will invest approximately $120 million in repairing 200 statewide local bridges over the next three years. A total of up to 15 local bridges will be repaired throughout southeast Ohio including the Monroe CR 68 bridge.

“We’re glad to have ODOT’s help to improve some of our low graded bridges,” said Monroe County Engineer Lonnie Tustin, P.S., P.E..


Muskingum Livestock 7/30/14 Results

July 30

Total Head 1045 Fed cattle 172; choice steers $160-176; good steers $159 & down; holstein steers $104-149.50; choice heifers $156-172.50; good heifers $156-172.50 & down;  198 commercial cows  $100-150; canners and cutters $99 & down; 43 butcher bulls $78-150; bred cows & C/C pairs: 10 cows & cow/calf pair BH $1200-1950; feeder cattle 475; stocker steer & bull calves $140-295; stocker steer yearlings $115-226; holstein stocker steers $74-152.50;    stocker heifer calves $120-265; stocker heifer yearlings $115-210; calves 19; baby calves $365 & down; hogs  63; best barrows and gilts $89; heavier and lighter weights $74-85; sows $77-94; boars $31.50-71; feeder pigs by head $76-105; feeder pigs by weight $80-102.


Extension Celebrates 100 Years With a Look at Monroe County Community Development

In the 1950s, Monroe County was one of two “pilot” counties for the development of a new community development program within what was then known as the Ohio Agricultural Extension Service.

Monroe County’s first community development Extension agent was G. Howard Phillips, who relinquished his Monroe County agriculture agent position to take on the duties of this new program on March 1, 1957. Phillips’ work in Monroe County centered on industrial development, agricultural development, and county-wide institutions and facilities. Phillips’ efforts received praise from the publication Extension Service Review in 1961:

“Six years ago Monroe County had no industry and a tax evaluation of only $25 million. Now the county has three large chemical and metal alloy industries and one small wood industry…and a tax evaluation of $125 million…More than 50 miles of primary roads have been completely rebuilt.”

After Phillips’ departure in 1960, there was no community development agent in Monroe County. However, Don Pollock, Extension Agriculture Agent, took on community development duties in addition to agriculture. From 1963 to 1988, Pollock worked with different industries in the county, but his main focus was on Monroe County’s farming businesses. Pollock taught farmers how alternative crops, such as small fruits, could add income to the county’s farms. 


Bicentennial Committee Donates to Cancer Gas Cards

During the Woodsfield Bicentennial celebration held in July, two events (the car cruise-in and the 5k run) were formed with philanthropy in mind. The results of those efforts were seen last week as the Woodsfield Bicentennial Committee donated the $1,500 raised to Cancer Gas Cards, Inc. The funding will help the organization, which recently secured its status as a 501C3 charitable organization, continue its efforts to give gas cards to its current roster of 22 local cancer patients. According to Shirley Brown of Cancer Gas Cards, Inc., her organization handed out $4,275 in gas cards to cancer patients last month alone and has given out over $22,000 since January. The cancer patients who benefit from the program travel as far as Cleveland and Columbus. Pictured, from left to right, are: Lida Conn, Woodsfield Bicentennial Committee; Shirley Brown, Cancer Gas Cards, Inc.; and Ruth Workman, Woodsfield Bicentennial Committee.



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