SHCC Instructor Placed on Administrative Leave After Accusations

A Swiss Hills Career Center [SHCC] instructor has been placed on paid administrative leave after “accusations of professional misconduct.” Although district officials did not confirm it, sources indicate the accusations were of a sexual nature and involved students.

“We need to take these accusations seriously. That’s why the instructor is not in the building,” said Switzerland of Ohio Local School District Superintendent John Hall.  Hall also noted that the instructor is being paid while on leave, as required by the Ohio Revised Code.

Monroe County Sheriff Charles Black Jr. confirmed that the instructor was being investigated by his department. Sheriff Black said evidence was seized after a search warrant was authorized, and material is currently being examined by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 

It was also reported in several media outlets that another SHCC instructor was placed on administrative leave. That instructor was already on leave stemming from accusations from last school year. Since the investigation has not closed, that teacher was placed on administrative leave to begin this school year as a required formality. Hall said the investigation has taken several months due to a back-log of cases in a busy Monroe County Prosecutor’s office.

“We take our mission to encourage and nurture learning seriously. Unfortunately, these are distractions, but we have to deal with them appropriately and move forward,” said Hall.