Network Operation Center Opens in New Sardis Community Center

Community residents meet with owner Thom Hinton (standing, left). Standing: Mike Bess, Larry Stewart. Seated: Lisa DeGarmo, Teako Bess, Britton DeGarmo, Brad Boggs, Helen Wycoff, Alisha Bess, Mariah Warrington, Keysha Bess.Investing in the future is the goal of the new Sardis Community Center and it takes a huge first step in that direction as opens a network operation center in the building, formerly the Sardis Elementary School. The internet service benefits residents of Monroe, Wetzel, and Tyler counties. owner Thom Hinton is excited about the new location for his growing business, which has been in operation since 2006. It currently serves both the Ohio and West Virginia sides of the river from Proctor to Fly, also branching away from the river. It provides high speed, affordable internet to area residents, many of whom do not otherwise have access to service.  It most recently erected a tower on Long Ridge in Ohio Township. The expansion of the business into the community center and through towers will increase the number of people with the option of receiving the radio-based service.

Another exciting dimension is that is currently working on installing fiber-optic cables in the community center with some of their towers also migrating to fiber optic. also provides phone service and will be beta-testing television service this fall.

"We like to help the community, so that's why we will provide Dally Memorial Library with free Internet service. Patrons will have faster speeds in the computer bank and through free Wi-Fi," Hinton commented.  

Other businesses that rent office or shop space in the Sardis Community Center building will also benefit as Hinton points out occupants will have immediate access to speeds as high as 40 megabytes.

Investing in the community is something both and the residents of the Sardis hope to accomplish. They discussed possibilities during a recent Community Clean-Up Day at the facility. Families and individuals, children and senior citizens, all joined together to prepare the building   for the upcoming Open House on September 13 from 12-4 p.m. during the Sardis Homecoming Festival. Cleaning, painting, remodeling, tree pruning, and landscaping were some of the activities completed during the day.  A Sardis Community Center Committee has accepted over $7,000 in donations for new tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment.

“We're so excited to come together to do something so worthwhile for our town," said Sardis resident Lisa DeGarmo. "This is our chance to invest in the future of our community."

The Lee Township Trustees will maintain the softball field, basketball court, and playground as a community park. In addition to office/business space, the gym and kitchen/cafeteria is also available for recreational activities, dinners, meetings, and parties.  The community center and the network operation center will benefit citizens of all ages as they continues to expand.