Monroe County Commissioners Continue To Discuss 2013 Budget

The Monroe County Commissioners met on Dec. 24 in an abbreviated Christmas Eve session. The only scheduled appointment was with Gary Cook of the Monroe County Airport.

Cook reported that the airport had acquired 1000 gallons of fuel at a steep discount of almost one dollar per gallon due to mobilization of supplies stemming from Hurricane Sandy. Due to the large purchase, Cook requested that a portion of the airport’s 2013 appropriation be released early. A motion was passed to release the funding to the airport.

Cook also spoke to the commissioners about a jet being based at the airport. Cook said the company that owns the jet will be installing a tank for jet fuel at their own cost. According to Cook, having a jet based at the airport will make it easier for them to receive grant money.

The commissioners next addressed ongoing 2013 budget requests. Auditor Pandora Neuhart had submitted a request to include the Personal Property funding in her 2013 budget to raise it from $144,914.66 to $149,772.78. The commissioners noted that the Auditor’s office had not used any of the fund in 2012 and very little of it in 2011. 

After a period of discussion on the matter, a motion was passed to deny Neuhart’s request. Commissioner John Pyles said, “It wouldn’t be fair to give one office funding to avoid the cut.” The cut Pyles spoke of was a 1.5% cut to all non-mandated budget requests. While the cut was on budget requests, each county office’s budget will actually be higher this year than last year by a considerable amount in order to cover increase in health insurance costs.

In other news, the commissioners passed a motion to re-appoint Dr. Ron Williamson as the county coroner. Dr. Williamson has been in the position since Dr. Fred Schoff resigned from the position in 2012.

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