Job and Family Services Helps 363 Families in 2014 TANF Special Program

Two household need handout days were held on Aug. 27 and Aug. 28. Pictured are MCDJFS Director Jeanette Harter (right) and Monroe County Commissioners, John Pyles (left) and Carl Davis at the Monroe County Fairground on Aug. 27.Monroe County Department of Job and Family Services [MCDJFS] conducted a TANF special program in the month of August. This program provided $363,000 to income eligible families with minor children who reside in the county. Families were provided school clothing and school supplies as well as household needs like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc.

Since 2008, MCDJFS has conducted programs like these for Monroe County residents. According to Director Jeanette Harter, this year’s program had over 100 more families qualify, partially due to the Ormet closing. The 2014 program served a total of 363 families.

In addition to this yearly special program, MCDJFS funds many other valuable programs for the community.  Partnering with GMN Tri-County CAC, MCDJFS funds the Project Partnership program in the amount of $124,000 as well as the YES (Youth Empowered for Success) program in the amount of $95,500. Also with GMN, MCDJFS funds the senior congregate and home delivered meal program and senior transportation in the amount of $$21,500.  MCDJFS funds the MCPT college student transportation program for low income families in the amount of 30,000 and also the NET (Non-emergent transportation) program for approximately $125,000. This program transports many income eligible Monroe County residents back and forth for medical appointments and treatments.  

Also, MCDJFS has provided shelf-stable meals for the seniors now for three years in a row which amount to around $3,000. The meals were a great help this past winter when the temperatures were too low for people to make it out of their homes. Last year, MCDJFS provided “necessity kits” to Seniors that included a smoke alarm, CO2 detector, and first aid kit. New this year is funding being provided in the amount of $5,000 for a drug education program to be held in our schools in the month of September.

MCDJFS funds programs year after year that total in excess of $750,000 despite the deep budget cuts that took place in 2009. Funding levels continue to be below par but MCDJFS manages each year to offer programs in our county that many counties have had to eliminate. Director Jeanette Harter said, “I am very proud to say that our programs offered to Monroe County have not suffered either in the amount or the quality of the program despite the budget cuts. My staff and I work diligently to make sure that our citizens are the priority and I am very grateful to have people working for me that genuinely care about others and take their jobs beyond standard customer service”.