Davey Crawford Light Pole Will Be Installed in South Island of Square

The long, twisty path followed by Woodsfield’s Davey Crawford pole has finally seen the pole meander back to its original spot, or at least a few feet from its original spot. During the Sept. 2 Woodsfield Village Council meeting, members of council voted to move the pole, which had been removed from its original location in the center of the square in the middle of the night years ago, to the South island of the square.

The Davey Crawford pole had recently been refurbished at no cost to the village [a savings of $5,000-$6,000] by Pioneer Pipe of Marietta. Throughout the process, Councilwoman Carol Hehr had plans to install the pole in the South island once it was finished. Measurements by Village Administrator Rick Schuerman indicated there would be plenty of space for the pole to be installed in the island. However, during the July 7 council meeting, Hehr’s motion to place the pole in the island failed after some council members expressed concerns over it fitting in its location as well as whether or not it would be a traffic hazard.

Flash forward to Sept. 2, and Hehr presented her fellow council members with correspondence between her and Ohio Department of Transportation engineer Eric Davis. Davis expressed that he was not concerned with the light dimensions as long as the base was four feet from the face of the curb, which was confirmed by measurements. Davis also said an expensive break-a-way base was not needed at the location.

After giving members of council the time to look at the correspondence, Hehr made a motion to place the Davey Crawford pole in the South island of the square. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bill Moore. During discussion Councilman Matt Vinskovich asked that a condition be added that if the pole is hit, council would consider a new location for it. The motion passed with Hehr, Vinskovich, Moore and Councilman Mike Cox voting “yes.” Councilman Dale English voted “no,” and Councilman Rick Shipp abstained. 

The village hopes to have the pole installed before winter.

In other news, council passed resolution #2014-4 to authorize the Ohio Department of Transportation’s paving of SR 800 within the village limits. The paving will take place on 0.65 miles of road from Oaklawn to the northern corporation limit. The project is set for the summer of 2015.

Addressing council was Wayne Forshey, who owns the vacant commercial lots next to Town Hall. Forshey sought an exception from the recently passed ordinance restricting RV parks in the village. Forshey based his request upon some camp sites in the village, including those owned by village employees, not following space restrictions of the ordinance.

Mayor Bill Bolon told Forshey that such sites were installed before the ordinance was established and were allowed to exist due to a grandfather clause. Council members and Mayor Bolon asserted that all new RV camps must follow the ordinance. Forshey was told that he could install an RV camp as long as he followed the ordinance and paid the application fee.

During the meeting, council authorized Mayor Bolon to sign a contract to lease oil and gas rights to EdgeMarc Energy. Details of the lease were unavailable as of press time.

The next regular session meeting for Woodsfield Village Council will be held Sept. 16 at 6:30 p.m.