Clarington's Tame Deer Killed by Division of Wildlife Officer

Several Clarington residents were saddened by the killing of a tame buck in the village by the Ohio Division of Wildlife on Aug. 12. The death of the deer ends what had become a very publicized situation.

Clarington resident Trina Heslep said of the deer, “I don’t know of anyone in town who hasn’t come in contact with him.” The deer had been around town for four to five months and was tame enough to pet.

“He was very tame, very nice, very gentle around the kids. But, I know he wouldn’t have stayed that way, that he would’ve gotten ornery or possibly aggressive during the rut,” said Heslep. 

Tim Parrett, District Manager of the Division of Wildlife, District 4, said the decision to eliminate the deer came because of public safety and the potential spread of disease. “We felt the responsible thing to do was to remove the danger,” Parrett said.

Parrett added that policy is that deer cannot be relocated due to the potential spread of diseases such as chronic wasting disease. Parrett said such diseases can have “devastating results on deer herds.”